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Product : Digital Brinell Hardness Tester
Model : HBS-3000
Country of Origin : CHINA
Brand : DTEC
Quality Certified : GB/T231.2, ISO 6506-2,ASTM E10
Delivery Time : 5 days
Packing Weight : 150KG
Dimension : 65x40x81cm(LxWxH)
Package Type : Maker's Standard Export Wooden Case
Courier : DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS/EMS,Shipping Agent
Payment Term : TT100%/Private Bank Account/L/C/Paypal/Western Union
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HBS-3000 Digital Brinell Hardness Tester equips with large digital LCD high resolution display sreen as well as buit-in printer and full automatic operation control system; additionally,it adopts full automatic close-loop transducer control system, with 10 levels testing force and 14 kinds of testing scales; what's more, this model employs selectable electron loading and weight loading,the user can choose either of them according to measurement requirement; it is mainly used to test brinell hardness of cast, annealed steel, normalized steel, non-metallic materials and soft alloy.

With wide application range, it is not only applicable to the precision measurement of paralleled surface, but also can reliably and durably be suitable in curve measurement.

Application Areas:
Metallurgy, metrology, building materials, research institutes, hardening shops, stainless steel, automotive, railway, energy, steel, aviation, roller plants, tube rolling mills, foundries etc.

Workpieces Scopes:
Non-hardened steel, cast iron, annealed steel, normalized steel, non-metallic metals, alloys bearing ,plates, sheets, motor blocks, rails, rings, bars, tires, wheels, castings etc.
►Large digital LCD high resolution displaying screen, menu smart tips and flexible and convenient operation functions;

►Full automatic close-loop transducer control system;

►Built-in printer, equips with RS-232 data port, suitable to connect to PC;

►10 levels testing force and 14 kinds of testing scales;

►Strong structure, good rigidity, high testing accuracy and efficiency, durable and reliable performance;

►Employs electron loading instead of weight loading, auto-protection against overload and over-bit;

►Full automation testing course, without man-made error;

►Suitable to install with optional CCD brinell indentation image processing system device (see picture below);

►The machine accuracy is in line with GB/T231.2, ISO 6506-2 and American Standard ASTM E10.
Testing Range 8-650HBW

Hardness Scales

HBW2.5/62.5  HBW10/100  HBW5/125 HBW2.5/187.5   HBW10/250  HBW10/500 HBW5/750    HBW10/1000  HBW10/1500  HBW10/3000    

Testing Force

62.5kgf(612.9N),100kgf(980.7N),125kgf(1226N),187.5kgf(1838.8N),250kgf(2415.8N), 500kgf (4903N), 750kgf(7355,3N),1000kgf(9807N), 1500kgf (14710N), 3000kgf(29421N)

Displaying Mode

Large LCD display

Microscope Amplification



Carried Standard

GB/T231.2, ISO 6506-2,ASTM E10

Specimens Max. Height 185mm

Max.Specimen Depth


Power Supply


Packing Weight

 Standard Packing Accessories:

20x Microscope
1 set

Φ2.5,Φ5,Φ10 alloy ball indentor

1 each

Standard Brinell Block


Big,Medium,V type Testing Platform

1 each

Power Cable


Quality Certificate,Manual Book

1 each