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Our company has taken part in international exhibition
DTEC has taken part in a large international exhibition "Mudy-2011"(12th International exhibition of industrial equipment and metal working), held On 11th-17th August 2011, in Moscow city, Russia. 

The main purpose of the exhibition "Mudy-2011"contributes to the development of industry in different fields, and the instruction of new technologies and innovative testing instruments in the field of NDT, Piping system, Construction, Electricity etc.

Our company has gained a lot from the exhibition, many customers have drawn deep impression and have showed great interest in our products, and most of them ask for the catalogue and the way of cooperation, even some of them brought their samples to our booth and asked for a trial test.

Besides, here we would like to convey our profound thank to our local distributor, for their intimate assistance and considerate reception through all the journey.

In a word, through the exhibition "Mudy-2011",we strongly believe that most of local customers our there will find attractive items from our displayed products, and we are looking forward to taking a matter future with you for any developmental cooperation.