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Non-Destructive Testing Equipment and Services Market $6.88 Billion by 2020
Non-Destructive Testing Equipment & Services Market by Contact Methods (Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Electromagnetic, Liquid Penetrant), Non-Contact (Radiography, Thermography, Visual Testing), Services (Inspection, Rental, Training, Consultation), Application & Geography - Analysis & Global Forecast to 2013 - 2020

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) relates to the examination of materials for flaws without harming the object being tested. Non-Destructive Testing provides cost-effective means of testing while protecting the object’s usability for its designed purpose. The technique can be applied on a sampling basis for individual investigation or may be used for 100% checking of material in a production quality control system.

There are some existing Non-Destructive Testing technologies such as ultrasonic testing, radiography testing, and Eddy current testing which captured most of the market. Ultrasonic testing has been the first choice of the end users for flaw determination. On the other side, the emergence of next generation technologies such as phased array ultrasonic, X-ray computed tomography (x-ray CT), and computed radiography (CR) will affect the traditional technologies in the days to come.

This report describes the traditional technologies as well as the emerging technologies for contact and non-contact methods for testing the flaws of objects. The Non-Destructive Testing market is in its maturity period; however, some technologies of it are still in their growing stage. Technologies are integrating with asset management, integrity solution, and decision-making tools with the advancement in sensors, semiconductor, and automation. Increased customer expectation, combination of two or more techniques for better solution and development of new materials are the emerging trends in the non-destructive equipment industry.

The major drivers for the non-contact equipment market are strong government regulations; user friendly softwares; continuous advancement in electronics, automation, and robotics; and assured return on investment. Since the equipment used in it are very complex in their kinematics and are very costly, there are some restraints in the market, for example, high infrastructure cost and lack of product knowledge to end users. There is a lot of opportunity for existing players as well as for new entrants to innovate and differentiate the products in price and design. The infrastructure sector is rapidly growing all over the globe, especially in BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia, and China). This creates an opportunity for the automation provider companies in the NDT market.

The Non-Destructive Testing market is highly diversified and matured; however, there is lack of skilled manpower; this is a burning issue for the market in the days to come. The major players in the NDT equipment market include GE Inspection technologies (U.S.), Olympus Corporation (Japan), YXLON international (Germany), Mistras (U.S.), Zetec (U.S.), and Nikon Metrology (U.S.).

Scope of the report

This market study covers various types of Non-Destructive Testing methods used in various applications for arriving at the Non-Destructive Testing market size for the period from 2013 to 2020. In order to analyze the Non-Destructive Testing market worldwide, it is segmented into Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW (Rest of world). There are many approaches for NDT out of which the following have been considered—ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic and electromagnetic testing, laser testing, visual testing, shearography testing, thermographic testing, and liquid penetrant testing for determining the market size (million units) of NDT.

On the basis of method

The global Non-Destructive Testing equipment market is mainly categorized into contact and non-contact methods. Contact methods covered in this report are ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, magnetic and electromagnetic testing, and penetrant testing. Non-contact methods covered in this report are radiography testing, thermography, shearography, and visual inspection. Data management software for equipment is also included in this report.

On the basis of verticals

The global Non-Destructive Testing equipment market is mainly categorized into manufacturing applications, petrochemical & gas, aerospace, government infrastructure and public safety, automotive, and power generation. The manufacturing application covers mining industry, iron foundry, pipe and tube manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, and metal industry. Petrochemical and gas covers subsea pipelines, LNG liquefaction, transmission pipelines, refining and storage tanks. Aerospace covers aircraft engine part production, composite airframe manufacturing, and aircraft maintenance. Government’s infrastructure includes military and defense sector, airports, railways, bridges and tunnels, border crossing security, and nuclear plants. Power generation covers nuclear power, solar power, wind power, and fossil fuel power.

On the basis of services

It is broadly segmented into inspection, training, rental, and consultation. Inspection services are further divided into ultrasonic, Eddy current, surface, visual NDT inspection services.

On the basis of geography

Geographical analysis covers North America, covering U.S., Canada, and Mexico; Europe covering U.K., Germany, France, and Italy; the Asia-pacific region covering Japan, India, and China. RoW includes Brazil, South Africa, and Middle East.